Do you remember a few weekends ago it seemed like the Texarkana police were all over the place stopping people at certain checkpoints on Stateline and downtown? It wasn't a manhunt, they were actually conducting traffic enforcement.

With the 4th of July weekend coming up they want to give us a heads-up that they will be at it again in an attempt to keep everyone safe. It will be a lot of law enforcement agencies coming together like they did a few weeks ago. Officers from the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department, Miller County Sheriff's Office, Arkansas State Police, Texarkana Texas Police Department, and Texas Department of Public Safety will be participating in the checkpoints.

A close up of a Beretta 92FS gun with 9mm bullets and handcuffs.

This will be taking place starting this weekend and going into the early hours of July 5.
These law enforcement agencies will be located at various locations and various days through Wednesday, July 5.

When you see these stop points be sure to have your driver's license in hand along with your proof of insurance.

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According to the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department's Facebook page, some of the areas where this will be happening will be on Highway 71, Highway 67, and Highway 82 from city limit to city limit. You might also see a police presence on other roads and neighborhoods.

The Texarkana Arkansas Police stated;

We are encouraging All motorists are encouraged to have their driver's license, proof of insurance, and be prepared for a short stop at a checkpoint and have these items ready. Officers will also be enforcing any fireworks observed being shot inside the city limits. Driver's license checkpoints will be random on highways and city streets from Sugar Hill to College Hill.



Texarkana area Law Enforcement is encouraging everyone to drive sober. Also, remember that buzzed driving is drunk driving. These officers will be looking for drunk drivers. Please be safe and drive sober or find a sober driver


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