This week's featured felon from the Texarkana Texas Police Department Le'Derek Ivery. Ivery is wanted for alleged felony fleeing in a vehicle.

The First Felony Friday is up from the Texarkana Texas Police Department and as they say, "our first contestant is"... Le'Derek Ivery. Below is the story form the TTPD Facebook Page:

About 2:00 last Saturday morning, we got a call of a suspicious person who had been sitting in a silver car in front of a convenience store on Summerhill Road for over an hour. The officers got there and found a man passed out in the driver’s seat. When they started knocking on the window trying to wake him up, he stirred, looked up at them, and started tapping back on the window at the officers. Hmmmm… That’s not a normal response so they asked him to step out of the car. However, he put the car in drive and sped out of the parking lot instead – hitting a trash can in the process. The officers chased him as he headed toward Arkansas on Interstate 30, but soon broke off the pursuit because of his speed and how dangerous he was driving. We let other agencies along the Interstate know about the pursuit, and it was just a few minutes later that a Hempstead County deputy found the car abandoned at about the 22-mile marker on Interstate 30. Of course, no one was around the car, but he found Ivery’s identification card inside.

Shortly after that, Texarkana Arkansas Police got a call from Ivery where he wanted to report his car stolen. He said that his mother had called him and woke him up from a sound sleep to tell him that his car had been involved in a pursuit. He also said that it couldn't possibly have been him driving the car because he’d been home in bed since 10:00 the night before. We were immediately suspicious of his story but had to give him the benefit of the doubt at that point. That is until we got to take a look at the surveillance video at the store the next day. It showed Ivery coming inside to make a purchase before he went back outside and passed out in the car. So much for being in bed asleep, huh?

The officers were then able to use that to get a felony warrant for Fleeing in a Vehicle. If you know where Ivery is, please give us a call at 903-798-3116 so we can make arrangements for him to get his prize package – a stay in the penthouse at the Bi-State Jail (all food and accommodations included).

TTPD - LeDerek Ivery
TTPD - LeDerek Ivery

If you know where to find Le'Derek Ivery, please contact the Texarkana Texas Police Department at 903-798-3116 or Texarkana Area Crime Stoppers at 903-793-STOP.


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