Everybody, meet Cheeto. Cheeto, this is everybody.

Cheeto loves to see himself in the phone camera. Then, when he starts pawing at himself in the camera to fix his hair and whiskers just right guess what happens? You got it -- a selfie. Mom is in the background on this one because she had to help him out just a little or he would have never gotten his whole face in the shot.

Poor little Cheeto can't be in the contest we're offering, of course, since he lives in my house. He was not happy about that by the way. But your pet can be.

We're going to try and keep the rules simple for the Pet Selfie Contest:

  • The selfie photo has to be close enough so that it's at least conceivable that the animal took the picture.
  • Please only submit one picture per animal.
  • Contest is not limited to dogs and cats. Any animal that looks like it's taking a selfie is eligible. Just think extreme close up.
  • Please include the name of the pet, your name and contact info.
  • Submit your entry .
  • Send entries to the Kicker 102.5 Facebook page using Facebook Private Messenger only.

That's it! Oh, what are you playing for? How about tickets to the Mistletoe Fair next weekend?

Contest ends at noon on Wednesday, November 16.

So grab your cell phone and let's get those pet selfies in. We're looking for "awww" moments, but funny shots are great too.

Good luck!