Congratulations to Texarkana native Stephanie Rice. She did it again! On Monday night's episode of The Voice on NBC, it looked like Rice was heading home in the Knockout rounds after her performance of the Taylor Swift song "Safe & Sound," but thanks to a button push steal from Alicia Keys, Rice has made it into the live playoffs that begin on Monday.

Rice went head to head and toe to toe with Troy Ramey who was also on Team Gwen. When asked by Stefani why she chose the song "Safe & Sound" she said, "I chose it because when I feel the most safe and sound is when I'm singing." The words are, just close your eyes, the sun is going down, you'll be alright. It's really me singing to my 18-year old self."

After her performance Gwen Stefani said, "What amazes me about you is your power to be able to deliver your soul to people and connect. I think you're incredible as an artist." However in the end, Stefani went with Troy Ramey. Alicia just couldn't see her go as she was equally impressed with her performance, enough to go for the steal.

Here's her performance of "Safe & Sound" and her other performances from previous weeks.

Catch Stephanie Rice in the Live Playoffs beginning next week on The Voice. Meanwhile visit her Facebook Page or her website.