There were Tornado Warnings issued last night (5/29) during the thunderstorms that rumbled through our area, and some were wondering how come we didn't hear any tornado warning sirens? Here's a statement from the City of Texarkana Emergency Management released through the Texarkana Texas Fire Department Facebook page:

We have experienced several storms in and around our area the past couple of months and with that some people are concerned about the warnings that are issued and the activation or lack of activation of our tornado sirens.

Last night (5-29-19) is a good example. Our Emergency Management Team is in constant contact with the National Weather Service and other officials in the area during these storms getting the most timely and accurate information available.

The city of Texarkana was not in a direct threat of a tornado last night, so the sirens were not activated. We only activate them when the city of Texarkana, Texas is in immediate danger of a tornado.

The tornado siren should never be your primary alert for severe weather. The sirens are only meant to warn people who are outside that they need to seek shelter and get further weather information.

Using Code Red, a weather radio or your local TV/radio station will be your best source of what is happening weather wise. Do not let social media posts or sirens be your only weather information. Use a trusted source.

The safety of our citizens and our visitors is our primary concern and we do not take that responsibility lightly.

Thank you for letting us serve you. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 903-798-3994.

In other words, those sirens are helpful for sure but they will only be activated when a tornado is approaching or touching down in Texarkana proper, inside the city limits. Outside of the city limits, even if it's just barely outside, they may not be activated at all.  Don't rely strictly on the sirens to know danger is in the area. Local Radio/TV broadcasts are your best resources for what is going on, your smartphone also has alert technology to keep you informed of warnings issued from the National Weather Service and the like.

It's been a very busy Spring storm season and it's not over yet, stay informed and be safe. Be sure you download our FREE App and help you stay up to date with local emergencies as well.

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