When I think of honky-tonk bars and red dirt country or Texas country as many folks call it I automatically think of Kevin Fowler. Well, get ready because native Texan Kevin Fowler is coming to Scottie's Grill in Texarkana on Friday, April 21, 2017. This is going to be one big honky- tonk party you don't want to miss.

Now this may shock a lot of folks but Fowler actually started out as a rock guitarist in a band called Dangerous Toys in the early 1990s. Eventually, several years down the road Fowler made the decision to go in a different direction and he left the bright lights of L.A. to pursue a musical career in Austin, Texas and he hasn't looked back.  His first album was Beer Bait & Ammo which also became is first single to get radio play. The song became so popular that Mark Chesnutt started singing it at his shows and Sammy Kershaw actually put it on one of his albums according to Wikipedia.

Fast forward to the present, Fowler has garnered a legion of loyal fans and Twitter followers through social media outlets. His music which has become popular throughout dance halls and barrooms in Texas has now branched out all across the country.

His current album Coming To a Honky Tonk Near You has already spawned a song that pokes fun of the country music industry, pop sound. The song is called "Sellout Crowd," this song shows off the funny sarcastic side of Fowler.

Check out Kevin Fowler's newest single "Texas Forever."

Don't forget you could buy tickets now to attend the Kevin Fowler's Birthday Bash at his Rustic Ranch May, 11. This venue is Fowler's incredible 130-acre ranch just outside of Austin that specializes in weddings and other special events. The Texas Hill Country rustic ranch has been totally restored by Fowler himself.

For tickets and more information go to Scottie's Grill.

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