Are you ready for some really big Oooo'ing and Ahhhh'ing? Everything is bigger in Texas, right? I don't know if you have seen this record-setting drone show that happened in North Richland Hills, a suburb of Fort Worth, on July 4th, but it was amazing.

Drone North Richland Hills - Happy 4th - Tony White video screencapture - YouTube
Drone North Richland Hills - Happy 4th - Tony White video screencapture - YouTube

What Record You Ask?

The largest aerial sentence ever performed by drones. It's official by the way, as a Representative from the Guinness Book was there to certify the event as it happened.

As seen above, 1002 drones spelled out "Happy 4th of July 2023".

What's Your Favorite?

Mine was the three F-18s in Blue Angels colors. All of the images were spectacularly done and the animation makes them truly amazing to watch.

Is this the real future of community fireworks shows? Could be.

The video below was taken by Tony White and posted on YouTube, it shows the whole thing from start to finish, which is about 10 minutes long. Not very long but very cool.

I enjoyed watching it because you can see the shimmering transitions as they reposition the drones for the next amazing reveal. Those transitions are not in the news program videos that have been posted so far. Thanks for posting that for us Tony.

Congratulations to Fort Worth-based Sky Elements on an amazing show and earning the Guinness record to boot.

Check out this video from Dallas/Fort Worth TV station Fox 4 for some very creative shots, including drone shots.

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