The Arkansas Municipal Auditorium will come back to life next Saturday, March 2 with the premier of composer John Tennison's 17-hour symphony titled "Texarkanon" - A Symphony for a Single Unprepared Piano.

You read that right, 17-hours, 36 movements. Performed in it's entirety starting at midnight Saturday, March 2 and finish between 5 and 6 PM Sunday evening.

The composer, John Tennison will give a 30-minute pre-concert lecture about the piece. As stated on the Event listing on Facebook:

Texarkanon was inspired by the compositional techniques of composer and native Texarkanian, Conlon Nancarrow, who wrote tempo canons involving up to 12 simultaneously-different tempi. In the case of Texarkanon, there are 88 simultaneously different tempi. Thus, Texarkanon is an 88-part tempo canon.

The concert is free and open to the public, donations will be accepted to help complete rehabilitation work on the Arkansas Municipal Auditorium. Check out my interview with folks from the Arkansas Municipal Auditorium Commission in the video below.

The Arkansas Municipal Auditorium is located at the corner of Arkansas St and East 9th St in downtown Texarkana, Arkansas.

For more information about the Arkansas Municipal Auditorium, see their Facebook Page.


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