Do you believe in the Fouke Monster? Have you ever thought that you spotted him deep in the woods of Arkansas?

Whether you call him the Fouke Monster, Bigfoot, Sasquatch or Yeti there have been a lot of people who have seen him. This weekend it's your chance to hear all about this creature from experts all across the country.

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Along with all the expert presentations and discussion, there will also be food, arts and craft vendors and tours of some of the places in the area where the Fouke Monster has been spotted and to the sights where they filmed the Legend of Boggy Creek.  These tours are all most sold out but there might be a couple of seats left. You can check here.

Speakers Will Include These National Experts:

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Lyle Blackburn is a Cryptozoologist and author of Texas Bigfoot; Beast of Boggy Creek; Boggy Creek Case Files.

Chester Moore is an award-winning wildlife journalist and conservationist. He is also the Editor-In-Chief of Texas Fish & Game magazine.

Jerry Hestand is the author of Hunting Apes in America and is a Bigfoot researcher.

Jeff “CryptoHulk” Stewart is a Cryptozoologist/ Wildlife expert. He is also the co-author of Woodknocks Vol 2 & 4 and he is an internationally published outdoor journalist for Texas Fish & Game Magazine.

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The Fouke Monster Festival is this Saturday, April 29 at the Fouke Middle School Auditorium located at 403 Panther Drive in Fouke Arkansas. Presentations will begin at 9 AM and go throughout the day until 6:30 PM, but the festival will run until 8 PM

You can find the entire schedule on their Facebook Events Page  Tickets are available at

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