People Magazine just recently named actor Bradley Cooper 2011 Sexiest Man Alive, but get this ladies, country superstar Tim McGraw wasn't far behind from taking the title.Tim is still recognized in the 2011 issue for being one of the Sexiest Man Alive and Tim says he stays in shape by doing two-hundred push ups and crunches a day. Look for Tim McGraw and Kenney Chesney to hook up in 2012 for a series of stadium tours. The featured issue will be available Friday!

Country Weekly just conducted their own Sexiest Man Alive survey see Kendra's blog.

Also,Tim and Faith just released a sneak peek video from their Soul2Soul fragrance photo shoot.  The scents which will include one for men and one for women are expected out in February. Too bad they couldn't get them out for the holidays. I guess it will make a great Valentine gift for your significant other.

Check out this video courtesy of YouTube: