I have always been fascinated by the possibility of time travel and lately there has been a lot of talk about traveling back in time. In reality there's no time machine that will jettison us back to a certain era. So for now the only way to travel back in time is by state of mind. When you hear a certain song or see a certain movie or event your mind automatically takes you back to what you were doing at that precise time in your life. When you think about it, in a weird kind of way that's sort of like time travel or as many people say flashback in time.

For example,  let's pick the year 1999. The first thing that comes to my mind is Prince's song "1999" - you know, party like it's 1999. Do you recall that in that year there were just as many girl groups as boy groups, and everybody's mid section was exposed? Oh, let's not forget about those cargo pants - especially the ones that were made out of parachute material. As a matter of fact some were even called parachute pants. I hate to admit it but I owned a couple of pairs back then.  If you miss this kind of stuff (wine-colored lipstick, mood rings and other nostalgic items then hopefully this will be a blast from the past.