Who loves a sundae? Everyone, of course! The story of the first sundae is actually a bit hazy considering at least two towns claim the first ice cream sundae. Oh, the drama!According to What's Cooking America:

Some historians claim, but never proven to be true, that the name "sundae" was created in response to the "Blue Laws," which said that ice cream sodas could not be sold on Sundays because they were to "frilly." For some reason the "righteous" were very much against what they called "sucking soda" (especially on the Sabbath and the clergy started preaching against them).

The towns that claim the first ice cream sundae are Two Rivers, Wisconsin, Ithaca, New York and Evanston, Illinois.

You can read more on this at What's Cooking America.

Of course, my main concern on the whole ice cream sundae topic is the toppings. Whipped cream, chocolate fudge, oh and sprinkles. Don't forget the sprinkles.