The Total Eclipse 2024 is coming and with its path directly over Arkansas, we all know that there is expected to be a high number of visitors coming into the state. ARDOT is estimating between 300,000 to 1.5 million people coming into the state for this weekend.

But what does that mean for us living in Arkansas?

With up to 1.5 million extra people in the state coming in we first know that there will be a lot of vehicles on the road and to expect a lot of traffic this weekend.

Why Do We Need to Stock Up on Supplies For The Eclipse?


All of us living in Arkansas and Texas too need to be aware that there could easily be a strain on supplies and resources. Seriously, think about what happens when snow is in the forecast. Our grocery stores are empty.

Think about what supplies you need to get you past the weekend and next week. Stores might take a few days to a week to recover and bring in more items.

6 Items to Stock up on Before The Total Eclipse

Dramatic scientific background - full sun eclipse in dark red sky

Visitors will start coming in on Thursday so here are a few things you should do and get before then...


1. Fill up on gas in your vehicle before Thursday

At the Gas Station

2. Stock up on basic food needs - milk, bread, eggs, batteries

With so many people on the electric grid this weekend, batteries might not be a bad idea in case it gets overwhelmed and the power goes out.

Shopping cart with foods at the grocery store

3. Toilet Paper (remember the pandemic?)


4. Prescriptions - Do you have enough to last at least another week?

Brian Chase

6. Bottled Water

It's always good to have water in case power and water go out from so many people. Plus you might need water if you are in your car and get stuck in traffic.

Anna Kim
Anna Kim

6. Food and litter for your pets and animals

Pet eating foot. Cat and dog eats food from bowl


Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destinations and events. Traffic is predicted to be crazy in towns, highways, and interstates.

Most of all have patience. All of us want to see this once-in-a-lifetime event. Let's make sure our visitors from out of town enjoy their stay in Arkansas so they will want to come back and explore the Natural State.

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