I'll let you watch to see how well I did at the "Cup Blowing Challenge," but here's a hint . . . not very.

Ok, maybe that was more than a hint. I felt pretty stupid doing this challenge, but when you see something that silly and chances are pretty good you're not going to get hurt, why not try it?

I'll tell you why not! Cause you have better things to do in your life! There's serious work to be done, mister. Yes, I know I am berating myself. Don't worry though, I will get over it.

So the next time you're sitting around the kitchen, whether at work or home, and even though the world turned upside down, fire and brimstone raining from the heavens, dogs and cats living together, well you know. If you happen to see three Solo cups just lying around, give it a shot.

You know you will.

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