A big congratulations is in order for four University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana Secondary Career & Technical Education Center students. 

They recently took the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 608 Exam and they passed on their first attempt.

Congratulations to Elijah Cox, Gavin Hatley, Kage Hillery, and Clay Walraven.


Technicians who service and repair or even dispose of equipment that contains refrigerant in the HVAC industry have to be certified under the EPA’s Section 608 of the Clean Air Act.


These students didn't need to take the EPA exam since it is not required in the UAHT HVAC program. But they decided to go ahead and get certified while still in class.

According to a press release, they felt they were well prepared to take the test thanks to their instructor, Leo Rateliff. In fact, they felt so well prepared that they didn't have to do any extra studying for the exam. That says a lot about the HVAC program at UAHT.


These students are still in high school but they are in the HVAC course for free because the UAHT Secondary Career & Technical Education Center works with area high schools in Arkansas The program lets high school juniors and seniors have the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school at no charge.



These students can get a head start on their careers through this program and go to work in HVAC, another field or continue their education. They stated in the press release,

As soon as we graduate high school, we can either continue earning credentials at UAHT, start our own business, work for an HVAC company, or work for almost any industry because they also have HVAC needs. We believe every student should take advantage of these free courses.

If you know someone interested in this program, below is a breakdown of what high schools are participating at the UAHT campuses.


Hope campus participating schools include

Arkansas Virtual Academy
Lafayette County
Spring Hill

Texarkana campus participating schools include

Arkansas Virtual Academy
Arkansas High
Genoa Central
Premier High School

To apply, visit https://www.uaht.edu/academics/career-center.php.

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