It's been hot and if you were thinking about burning trash or anything outside well, don't. Burn Bans are in effect for our area. 

Yesterday, on August 15, Bowie County Judge Bobby Howell officially declared it a public safety hazard and all outdoor burning has been banned in all unincorporated areas of Bowie County for the next 90 days unless it is determined the circumstances have changed and at that time the ban would be lifted. But that will only happen if the Texas Forestry Department states that the drought conditions no longer exist.

A bushfire burning on the South Coast of NSW

A Burn Ban has also now been issued by Miller County Judge Cathy Hardin Harrison. This ban will be in effect until further notice.

This is serious stuff right here. A fire in these dry hot conditions can get away from you very quickly and spread fast. If you do violate this order it is a Class C misdemeanor and you could face a fine of up to $500.

What About Texarkana?

red flame fire texture backgrounds

As for Texarkana, the TTPD stated,

While that order doesn't directly apply to those who live inside the city limits of Texarkana, we do have a perpetual burn ban that's always in effect - unless you have been issued a permit from the Fire Department. According to Fire Chief Chris Black, all burn permits that have previously been issued will be suspended on Friday, and no new permits will be issued until the heightened concerns about wildfires have passed.

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