Time once again to welcome two new hires to the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department, Detective Misty Tyler and Officer Jesse Mathis.

Detective Misty Tyler - TAPD
Detective Misty Tyler - TAPD

The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department hired Detective Misty Tyler in June of this year. Tyler has been a police officer for six years and holds numerous certifications.

Detective Tyler holds dual officer certifications for Arkansas and Texas and has a passion for crime scene investigations. According to a report on the TAPD Facebook Page, she loves the challenge of piecing the puzzle together and doing a proper job so all evidence is collected and documented correctly.

Detective Tyler will be assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division and work alongside seasoned Crime Scene Investigator Eric Winters. The outstanding leadership of Lt. Ed Chattaway, Sgt. Paul Nall and Sgt. Devin Warner will be her guide as her supervisor.

Officer Jesse Mathis - TAPD
Officer Jesse Mathis - TAPD

Officer Jesse Mathis was hired in April of this year and has been a police officer in the State of Arkansas for twelve years total. Mathis has spent most of his career working in the patrol division but spent some time working in the Drug Task Force as a detective.

Officer Mathis is committed to the community and has participated in many community events, especially when it comes to children. Officer Mathis is an excellent fit for our agency and takes pride in serving the citizens of the community in which he lives. Officer Mathis just completed his field training, where he spent time with our fantastic field training officers guided by our Field Training Seargent Chris King.

Officer Mathis is assigned to the Patrol Division Delta Squad under the excellent leadership of Sgt. Lester Colley, Sgt. Kyle Beach, and Lt. Chris Rankin.

If you see Detective Tyler or Officer Mathis out and about, please welcome them to our community and thank them for doing a job that very few are called to do. We appreciate them very much.

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