2017 was an interesting year when it came to finding out what Americans were searching for on the internet state by state.  Frontier  Communications found that  Arkansas' Most Streamed Events of 2017 was Donald Trump's Presidential Inauguration in January of 2017.

A big change from Arkansas' favorite event in 2016, the Super Bowl.  Perhaps this should come as no surprise since the 2017 Arkansas Poll gave Trump the highest approval rating for a U.S. president in the last 12 years.The search was based on sports events, political events, contests, pageants, and more.

Eight states including Oklahoma was interested in the NBA Finals. Texas was most interested in the Mayweather vs McGregor fight, the second biggest pay-per view of all time, while Louisiana was into the Intel Extreme Masters Championship. Basketball dominated several states, the Miss American Pageant, and even the Kentucky Derby were some of the top searches.

Frontier Communications

And for the record 215 million Americans watched the solar eclipse that equals out to 88 percent of Americans watching it in person or online, that was twice the number of people who watched the Super Bowl in 2016.