The "Fidget Spinner." The what, you may ask? Fidget Spinner, these little goomers are everywhere right now, in fact, I bet teachers all over the Ak-La-Tex have a drawer full of them because some kids (like me)... just can't put them down.

At least pencil toppers had a function you know, they were erasers too! Yo yo's, hours of entertainment, you could learn tricks. Even a Pet Rock came with a carrying case with holes in it so it could breathe, and a book of instructions on care and feeding. These things, not so much.

They spin, that's it. That's all they do, spin. I hear what you're saying, "well, so does a top," right? Right you are, but a top also balances. Fidget Spinners do not balance on their own using unimaginable super forces of nature like gravity, or inertia to hold them up, nope, they just spin. They do spin for a long time with a decent bearing in there. The one I purchased was pretty cheap though, I don't expect it to last very long.

We'll see, hope you enjoy the video:


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