I saw this question this morning and it really got me to thinking... and of course, I had no idea what the first item I purchased on Amazon was, but I knew darn well Amazon's purchase history would know and I wanted to find out.

So, I opened up Amazon this afternoon and much to my surprise my history shows that my first ever purchase happened back at Christmastime 2007, but the item wasn't for me, it was for my mom. Neil Diamond's Greatest Hits. HAHAHA!

Ok, so then I looked at the year 2008, again, not for me... support hose, for my mother again. Also in December but it wasn't a Christmas present.

I thought well surely I purchased something for myself the next year... nope!  I bought three movies, all for my wife, at you guessed it, Christmastime.

Anyone else see a pattern, or is it just me?

2010 = nothing.

2011, ahhhh, here we go. This was the year that I finally did a little shopping on Amazon for me. I started finding bargains on cell phone accessories and such. The first thing I bought for me was an HTC EVO holster which has a bargain at $3.78 including shipping. I ended up placing 15 total orders in 2011, mostly small stuff.

The addiction of online shopping has grown for me as it has for most people I think. I have branched out though, I shop Walmart.com and several others, still order stuff from Amazon as well. Always looking for a bargain and yes, I still shop locally as well. I would still rather pick it up and look at it in my hands before I buy it. There are many times I've ordered something online and been pretty disappointed in the quality when it arrived.

This was an interesting exercise in discovery, so tell me, what was your first online purchase from Amazon.com or Walmart.com or WhatEverTheHeck.com?



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