For years I've asked a question that has long been on my mind... "Where's my Jetson Car?" Well, shut up and take my money, there it is.

Ok, it's not quite the car we dreamed about in the 60's Hanna Barbera cartoon series, The Jetsons, but it's not that far off. And my guess is the real deal may be here before you know it.

Jetson One - front - YouTube

This one is called, amazingly enough, Jetson ONE. This is not a prototype by the way, this is a production model. That means if you've got the funding they will build you one.

Jetson One - sunset - YouTube

How much you ask? $92,000

The deposit is $22,000, for them to start building you one. Here's the catch, if you want to call it that. The Jetson ONE is a 50% assembled kit, they ship it here and you complete it.

Jetson One - in the trees - YouTube

These Swiss guys named Peter Ternström and Tomasz Patan have been developing this flying machine since 2017. This is the result, a "consumer-friendly, commercially available, personal electric aerial vehicle that you can own and fly."

Jetson One - slow flight - YouTube

Jetson ONE's goal is to make everyone a pilot, and by golly, I'm all in. Except for one teeny tiny detail...

Jetson Demo - YouTube

I'm too big. DANGIT!

Check the specs:

  • Jetson Weight: 190 lbs
  • Maximum Pilot Weight: 210 lbs
  • Flight Time: 20 minutes

Well crap. So close, yet so far. I guess I'll have to wait for the next generation. After all, this is just the beginning. The next machines are going to be faster, lighter, fly higher, and carry more payload (that's me). Before you know it these things, or something very similar, are going to be racing and flying cross country, staying aloft for hours on end, carrying our kids to school (his boy Elroy... daughter Judy) taking us to the grocery store (Jane his wife) and me going to my "George Jetson Job" as my wife calls it, where I push buttons all day with my feet up. She's not very far from the truth, and we're not that far from the future, because of inventions like Jetson ONE.

Enjoy the video.

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