OK, "machine" might be stretching the definition of that word. You are the machine portion of this build. You'll see.

Troop 3 went camping at Kia Kima Scout Reservation in 2015 and while we there the troop camped next to us pulled out this bucket with a plunger in it one day and I asked, "What's that?" Their scout leader told me it was a clothes washing machine. I of course, told him to "get out." As in "that's amazing," not that he should leave or something.

He said he would happy to loan it to us to give it a try. It just so happened I had clothes washing tabs in my pack so sure, why not? The scout shirts we were wearing sure could stand up in the corner of the tent by themselves at that point, so it was in no uncertain terms, past time to do something.

Worked like a charm, at least on some of them. There were a few shirts and undies that needed to be burned at that point, but it even made them smell less nasty.

As Troop 3 is headed to BSA Camp Pioneer in a couple of weeks, we're hoping this will make a small difference. And who knows, if you have detergent and a clothes line, this could be a helpful item for your next campout.

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