Google trends show the searches for Bed Bugs have been increasing in the state of Arkansas this summer, does that mean the problem is getting worse? 

A weekend story on KHV TV11 in Little Rock highlights a real growing problem in the state and nationwide for that matter, bed bugs, and believe it or not, many feel it was caused by the Pandemic.

Not the Pandemic virus itself but rather a possible consequence of lockdowns and lack of travel during that time. Suddenly we're all on the road this summer, staying in hotels and motels, and the last thing anyone wants is to bring a few little friends home to start their own collection.

A local pest control company the TV station interviewed said the calls for bed bug infestation have quadrupled this year over last.

What can you do to protect yourself and your family?

Look before you leap, or sleep!

How to Check for & Find Bed Bugs - DoMyOwn - YouTube
How to Check for & Find Bed Bugs - DoMyOwn - YouTube

As described in the video below, bed bugs are very good at hiding and if you find them, treating them yourself may or may not be the right solution for you. If you find them, we recommend you find a professional to make sure the job is done right. There are many videos on YouTube that claim to be sure-fire cures for bed bug infestation, and they may well be, however, we have not tried any of them therefore we cannot endorse any home remedies at this time. Frankly, I hope we never have to try any of them.

Anytime you're traveling we also highly recommend you check the mattress thoroughly for these critters before you crawl in for a good night's sleep... Eeee-gad, I'm itching just writing about this.

The Arkansas Department of Health has good solutions and recommendations as well.

Happy summer!

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