Hey Texarkana, I know you've heard of Jurassic Park but have you heard of Prehistoric Park in Louisiana?

Prehistoric Park in Henderson, Louisiana offers a unique, natural setting with approximately 12 acres to explore a wide variety of some of the most feared dinosaurs from the Jurassic period on earth. At every turn on the paved walkways, you'll encounter these monster predators up close and personal. Some of the dinosaurs use animatronics to make them come to life right before your eyes.
hand and dinosaur footprint .
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Kids can play in the sandbox where they may just find some skeletal bones from an ancient civilization that went extinct billions of years ago. Make sure you visit South Louisiana's first indoor-outdoor Dinosaur Museum, where visitors of all ages can experience these amazing creatures that once ruled the Earth. When you complete your adventure take home a souvenir home from the gift shop.

Prehistoric Park Admission

Adults - $12
Children – $8 (3-12years)
Senior Citizens- $10 (60+)
Children 2 and under are free
Military discounts are available with your Active Duty ID Card.

So forget about Jurassic Park, and head to Prehistoric Park located in Henderson, Louisiana. This is the state's only attraction dedicated to these incredible beasts of years past.

For more information visit their website or Facebook page.

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