I love these articles that pick up a few items on a list somewhere, turn them into a database then compile a score based on those metrics to prove some point that no one knows or cares about in the first place. Congratulations Arkansans, we are the #1 most Redneck State in the Union! 

The Math

The website WorldPopulationReview.com took two data points to come up with this, the number of mobile homes per 100 home units, and the number of Walmarts per million people. While I will admit we have a lot of mobile homes in Arkansas, hey, affordable housing is affordable housing, right? But the Walmart thing is a little unfair, after all, Arkansas is the home of the Walton family and therefore the home of Walmart. Of course, there are more Walmarts in Arkansas than anywhere else, Duh!

attachment-Pickup Truck - Canva
Pickup Truck - Canva

Your Top 10

State                           Redneck Score

  1. Arkansas                      37.2
  2. Mississippi                   35.1
  3. New Mexico                 33.1
  4. Alabama                      32.97
  5. South Carolina            32.1
  6. West Virginia               31.8
  7. Wyoming                     31.6
  8. Kentucky                     28.5
  9. Louisiana                    26.7
  10. Oklahoma                   25.9

But Wait, What about...

Greetings from Arkansas - Canva
Greetings from Arkansas - Canva

I'm not sure how or where you find all of these stats but there might be a few Redneck metrics that should have been considered in the final results;

  • How many 12 oz cold-beers can the average person hold in their t-shirt while still wearing it?
  • Watermelon seed spitting contest winners per 1 million population?
  • National Corn Hole/Washers/Horseshoe Champions in the State?
  • Shoe-optional Churches?
  • Spit cup capacity to cleaning ratio.
  • Million Chickens per million population.
  • Average # of Tractor Dealerships per metro area.
  • Police calls to wedding receptions per year.
Watermelons - Canva
Watermelons - Canva

If you would like to see the full report be our guest, but like a said, I think they may have missed a few measurements. Can you think of any more?

attachment-Chickens - Canva
Chickens - Canva

Jeff Foxworthy's definition of Redneck is a "glorious absence of sophistication". If the shoe fits, wear it... unless of course, it's Shoe-Optional Church.

Fly your #1 Redneck State flag high and proud Arkansas, we love ya.

trophies - Canva
trophies - Canva

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