Arkansas State Police (ASP) along with other law enforcement are still searching for a man who led State Troopers on a high-speed chase after a routine traffic stop on Sunday, January 28 in Hempstead County.

The Arkansas Police report in a press release that the traffic stop took place around 9 PM on U.S. Highway 67.

Police lights by night

An Arkansas State Trooper took Gerald Austin Carroll, 51, into custody. But the passenger in the back who has been identified as Thaddeus Ray Carroll, 50, got up into the driver’s seat and drove off with a passenger, Melanie H. Bormann, 50 years of age.

During the pursuit, a Trooper deployed spike strips to disable the vehicle and another stopped the vehicle with a tactical vehicle intervention (TVI) maneuver. During the incident, Bormann pointed a firearm at a Trooper. Carroll, who was holding a firearm, and Bormann fled on foot into a nearby pasture.


Arkansas State Police
Arkansas State Police

ASP’s Criminal Investigation Division, K-9, and a search by air took place. Officeciers from Hope, Texarkana and Ashdown Police Departments helped along with the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office and Arkansas Game and Fish.

Arkansas State Police
Arkansas State Police

Melanie Bormann surrendered to officers two hours into the search. She was then transported to Wadley Regional Medical Center in Hope.

On Monday, January 29 Hempstead County Sheriff's Office posted on their Facebook page,

Law enforcement agencies are still searching for Thaddeus Carroll. If you know where he is please call the Arkansas State Police Troop G Headquarters at (870) 777-4641 or your local law enforcement agency. Thaddeus Carroll is considered armed and dangerous. Do Not attempt to approach him.

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