Growing up, I was a HUGE fan of the X-Files. And one of reoccurring themes of the show was 'The Truth is Out There'. And, given recent events, fact is quickly meeting fiction - US Government officials have basically admitted that the Government is in possession of materials "not of this world" and all sorts of insane things that only used to be believed in an episode of the X-Files. It's wild. So, with all that in mind, let's take a look at how Arkansas ranks when it comes to UFO sightings.

Where Does Arkansas Rank For UFO Visits?

Arkansas traditionally is a hot bed for cryptozoic creatures - Bigfoot, Boggy Creek Monster and the Herber Springs Water Panther just to name a few. But, on the UFO front, Arkansas isn't as much of a hot bed as you'd might imagine.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, which is one of the biggest UFO databases in the country, Arkansas doesn't have a ton of reported sightings.

According to their numbers, there have only been 1,295 sightings in the state of Arkansas. That ranks us ahead of places like Delaware, Kansas and Louisiana but behind pretty much everywhere else.

How Many UFO Sightings Have Been Made in 2024 in Arkansas?

Looking over the database, there have only been 7 reported UFO sightings since January 1st, 2024 in Arkansas. The first happened on January 7th in Mayflower, Arkansas. The most recent happened on March 12th in Fort Smith.

Now, a lot of these sightings have videos and pictures attached. Some are clearly non-sense, others make you wonder.

Are Aliens Really Real?

I have pondered this question for years. Initially, I don't actually believe in aliens - at least not in the Roswell sense. I'd be naïve to believe that we were the only creatures alive in this vast universe...but, little green men flying around in spaceships? Absolutely not.

That was until the past few years. Between the Government whistle blowers, statements made by high ranking government officials, the Pentagon committee on's kind of hard to just laugh off the idea.

As the mission statement of the X-Files says - the truth is out there. And seems like we're closer than ever to finding it.

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