The unemployment figures for the state of Arkansas are well below the national numbers holding in May at a stable at 4.4 percent, unchanged from April, according to statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor. The state’s unemployment rate remained below the national rate as well, just as it has throughout the pandemic, according to the report this week from the Arkansas Division of Workforce Services.

Arkansas' Governor Asa Hutchinson said;

“The state’s unemployment rate continues to be more than a full percentage point below the national average,” Governor Asa Hutchinson said. “It is also encouraging that the state saw growth in jobs in manufacturing, hospitality, and food services. Our workforce is in a transition now. Some are seeking retraining opportunities and others are delaying their return to employment. With workforce training programs available and with the urgent demand for workers, this is an excellent time for those who left the labor force during the pandemic to transition to a higher-skills job or a better-paying job.”

The Governor also directed the Division of Workforce Services to end the State of Arkansas’s participation in the federal supplemental unemployment assistance after June 26.

Texas Federal unemployment assistance will end this Saturday as well. Everywhere you look there are good-paying jobs available in both states. Time to get back to work.

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