An Arkansas woman won the big $2.338 million jackpot in Arkansas' latest lottery game LOTTO and didn't realize it for almost a week. 

The woman won the big jackpot in the April 29 drawing but only just claimed her prize yesterday May 8 because she didn't know she had won.

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The winner, from Sebastian County, who has decided to remain anonymous ordered the winning Quick Pick ticket on the Jackpocket mobile app. She matched the six main numbers which were 20, 12, 27, 10, 6 and 21.

She told the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery officials that she usually plays the Natural State Jackpot or Lucky for Life game but when she saw how high the jackpot was for the LOTTO that's when she decided to give it a try.

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery
Arkansas Scholarship Lottery

Since she purchased her ticket through the app, once the drawing took place the Jackpocket app actually sent her an email notifying her that she won the jackpot of  $2.338 million. But she still had no idea she had won until the Jackpocket called her the following Monday morning.

The winner said in the press release;

“I thought it was a spam call because it was from New York. After listening to the voicemail, I called them back and was shocked when they said I was the jackpot winner. I first told my husband, but he didn’t believe me because we never win anything.”

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What will she do with the money? She said she plans on taking a family trip, buying a new house, and a new motorcycle for her husband.

The retailer that sells the winning ticket will receive a 1 percent commission from the sale of winning lottery products. Winners Corner, which sold the ticket through the Jackpocket app, will receive a $23,380 commission check for selling the winning ticket.

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