Get ready drivers, if you have a bit of a lead foot you will need to watch yourself or get a ticket. Speed cameras will be looking for you. Arkansas is clamping down on speeders in work zone areas on highways and interstates across the state.

We all know that speeding in a work zone can double a speeding ticket, but for some reason that still doesn't seem to stop some people from speeding. Maybe this will.

Police Officer Writing Ticket

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, August 1,  Arkansas will be installing and turning on cameras in several work zone areas on highways throughout the state. You may not see an officer but the cameras will see you and law enforcement will be able to pull you over as soon as you exit the work zone.


Dave Parker with the Arkansas Department of Transportation told KATV,

"The goal of this is not to issue a lot of tickets. The goal is for people to understand that when you're driving along a work zone, you've got to slow down and be more mindful."

There has been a growing number of accidents in Work Zone areas on highways in Arkansas since 2018. Using these cameras will notify an officer of someone speeding so they can give citations when needed without causing a dangerous situation in the work zone area itself.


These cameras will only be in use when an officer is present close to the work zone area. But you never will really know if the cameras are on or off, so why take that chance? Just drive the speed limit.

There are new Arkansas Laws that go into effect on August 1 check them out here.

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