Get Ready! Daylight Savings Time start this weekend. Yes, that means we will lose an hour of sleep Saturday night, but it also means Spring and Summer are on the way.

It's been a cold winter so the promise of warmer weather is a big welcome at least for me! There are 17 states now that are thinking about getting rid of Daylight Saving Time. We asked our listeners on Facebook if they loved or hated Daylight Saving Time. So far out of 130 comments here is what we found:

10 people said - Whatever just pick one and stay with it.

20 people said they Hated Daylight Savings Time

But 100 people said...Bring it on! And that they LOVE Daylight Savings Time.


You can join us on Facebook below and tell us how you feel. But remember either way....before you go to sleep Saturday night you need to set your clocks forward one hour. Remember the saying "Spring Forward, Fall Back", and this is one person that is ready to Spring Forward this weekend!

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