While searching Ebay recently, I stumbled upon a little fact I found interesting. In March of 1949, RCA Victor released the worlds very first 45 RPM record (you know, those round discs we use to listen to music on). The artist was Eddy Arnold and the song was about a girl from our hometown.

The title of the song was "Texarkana Baby", written by country music hall of famer Fred Rose.

Some of the lyrics to the song:

She's my Texarkana baby do I love her Lowdy Law
Her pappy came from Texas and her maw from Arkansaw
She's pretty as a picture and you ought to hear her name
It's sweet as sarghum syrup and good ol' blue ribbon cane
She gives me lots of sugar and she never spills a grain
She's my Texarkana baby

Woo doggies! There's a little useless Texarkana knowledge for you. Impress your friends with this info next time one of them says "remember when we use to play records!".