That charge of disorderly conduct filed on Tracy Lawrence earlier this month in Ohio has been dismissed in Tiffin Municipal Court.  On Monday, after some witness statements were taken and investigated, the city prosecutor filed a motion to drop the charges completely.

Lawrence, 43, and concert promoter Elmer Cole Jr., 52, got into a fist fight after Tracy's bus got stuck in the mud at a venue after his performance, resulting in both men being charged with disorderly conduct.  Cole is still facing his charge, and his lawyer wants to go to trial over it.

Charges against Lawrence were dismissed after witnesses stated that Cole threw the first punch... (I would like to point out that in my opinion, he sucker punched Tracy.)  According to court documents those witness statements are supported by Lawrence's physical injuries which were more severe than Cole's, and indicates an "unexpected attack, and not mutual combat".

So, good news for Tracy, and we are just tickled to death that Tracy is returning to Texarkana to kick off the 67th Annual Four States Fair & Rodeo Friday September 16th!