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Apparently, if you manage to get your hands on the robber's phone and chuck it as far as you can, this throws off the robbery attempt and confuses the bad guy enough that he will leave, maybe even empty-handed. 

That is exactly what happened back on September 14 of this year at the Lowe's store in Texarkana, Texas, according to a report filed on the Texarkana Texas Police Department's Facebook Page.

TTPD most wanted - Crocks with socks at Lowes 1
TTPD most wanted - Crocs with socks at Lowes 1

The pictures show a young black male, wearing a grey hoody, white t-shirt, blue sagging sweatpants, white Bass Pro Shops ball cap, and Crocs with Socks... lingering around the front of the store near closing time.

The Report Continues:

As the money was being collected from the registers to close out at the end of the night, he decided it was now or never. He ran over and tried to snatch the money bag from the employee, but - much to his dismay - they weren't letting go. During the struggle, the guy managed to drop his cell phone, which the quick-thinking employee quickly picked up and hurled across the store.

TTPD most wanted - Crocks with socks at Lowes 3
TTPD most wanted - Crocs with socks at Lowes 3

According to the report, this is where the would-be robber's priorities seemed to change and was instantly re-directed to where his $1000 phone just flew off to. He let go of the bag and scampered off to find his phone, once he had located the cellular device it appeared he had given up on his quest to fight for the money bag, especially since the employees had now put it away where he could not get to it.

At this point, the young man decided it was probably best to make tracks with his Crocs and hit the door. He hastily left the store and got into a white vehicle waiting for him outside to make his escape.

TTPD most wanted - Crocks with socks at Lowes 2
TTPD most wanted - Crocs with socks at Lowes 2

Even though he did not get away with the goods this time, TTPD would like very much to talk to this young man, if you have seen him or know who he is, please contact the Texarkana Texas Police at 903-798-3116, or call Texarkana Area Crime Stoppers at 903-793-STOP.

Side-Note: When this guy is located, can we ask him a question? I want to know what phone case he has, apparently, it works really well.

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