This week's featured felon from the Texarkana Texas Police Department Jaylon Ward who has a felony warrant for alleged Burglary of a Habitation. 

It's Felony Friday from the Texarkana Texas Police Department and this week TTPD is looking for Jaylon Ward, here's the story as recorded on the TTPD Facebook Page:

Everyone has fingerprints... Everyone knows that no one has the same fingerprints.... Everyone knows that police look for fingerprints at crime scenes... Everyone knows that if the police find one, they can usually figure out who it belongs to… Everyone knows that you don’t want to leave your fingerprints at a crime scene or you’ll likely get caught... That is, apparently everyone EXCEPT this week’s Felony Friday honoree.

We are looking for Jaylon Ward for Burglary of a Habitation after he broke into a house earlier this month, ransacked it, and stole two televisions. Officers found several fingerprints there that our crime scene investigators were later able to identify as Ward’s. The victim said that they didn’t know him and there was absolutely no reason for him to have ever been in their house. Yep, it don’t get much easier than that.

The detectives have been looking for him since getting the felony warrant, but he’s been doing a pretty good job of ducking and diving.

If you know where to find Jaylon Ward, please contact the Texarkana Texas Police Department at 903-798-3116 or Texarkana Area Crime Stoppers at 903-793-STOP.

Jaylon Ward - TTPD
Jaylon Ward - TTPD


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