We all do it, binge watch shows these days. It's a strange way to watch a series but it works I guess. The big problem is, what to watch next?

That's where "Tell Us Tuesday" came in this week to help Jim & Lisa find more good series to watch on Netflix, Hulu or wherever they may be.

So far the response has been terrific from you, our Facebook friends. Below are a few of them:

TuT - 031219 - Binge Watching2


  1. The Crown
  2. Wentworth
  3. Game of Thrones
  4. Longmire
  5. Walking Dead

Out of the top 5, I have not yet seen "The Crown," "Wentworth" or "Longmire."

If you would like to put in your two cents, please do. The Tell Us Tuesday question never closes. Thanks for your help!

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