The older we get the more frequent these stops seem to be, but as Lisa and I were talking yesterday about the upcoming Labor Day Weekend, and road-tripping, and the fact that over 60% of people will be on the roads this weekend, and most will be travelling at least 100 miles... that means wee breaks. 

So, as we were talking about this a little thought popped into my head (hey, it happens)... I wonder if people feel obligated to buy something when they stop for a wee break on road trips? Lisa said we should make it into a question for "Tell Us Tuesday" and so we did.

By the way, Lisa and both said yes, we do feel obligated. Unless it's a fast food restaurant, cause you can usually sneak in and out of there without even being noticed. HAHA!

Thanks to you, we had a great response to the question too, below are some of the answers:

Facebook screenshot 1
Facebook screenshot 2

I totalled it up just for giggles...

Obligated or sometimes = 53
Not so obligated/never = 24

Thanks everyone!

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