Summer is officially here and the box office heats up with three new movies to kick-off summer. Take your pick from horror, action, or animation.

Chucky is back in an updated re-boot of the 1988 horror classic, Mark Hamill is the voice of the demented doll who comes to life and causes havoc for whoever owns him. In this one, the dolls sold are able to use the Wi-Fi to connect to the cloud to do their evil deeds by controlling smart home devices and drones. Be prepared to be scared!

Unlike Chucky, these toys are good and a new toy named Forky voiced by Tony Hale, goes on a road trip and gets lost. He's basically a homemade toy that 'Bonnie" made by gluing googly eyes onto plastic body with popsicle stick feet and pipe cleaners for arms.

In this one, Woody sets out on adventure to rescue Forky and winds up reconnecting with Bo Peep, in the process he discovers other lost toys. Lots of fun for the whole family.

 Anna  (R)

A trained assassin played by Russian model Sasha Luss actually goes undercover as a supermodel. Helen Mirren is the handler, Luke Evans the KGB recruiter and Cillian Murphy is the CIA agent investigator. If you like lots of action, you will probably like this one.

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Love the Toy Story movies! Going with that one, for my personal pick. Grab the popcorn and I'll see you at the movies!