Really it was more of a John Williams interview with two of the Pleasant Grove coaches and three of the pitchers this morning around 7:30. I'm a baseball fan, but I'm a schlub next to news and sports guru John Williams. So when we get the coaches in I usually just sit back and relax a bit.

Full disclosure here though, John and I both live in the PG school district and both of our boys will be attending PG High School next year, so to say we are PG supporters is an understatement.

But to be fair, if it was Arkansas High or Texas High, or any other high school in our listening area on the verge of becoming State Champs, we would be glad to have them in the studio as well.

PG is however the last team around here still in the hunt for the big trophy, we just want you guys to know we're rooting for you and proud of you.

Go get 'em, Hawks!

For more information on the games, dates and such, see John Williams' article here.

Video note: The video came out fine but the audio is a little low. Be ready to turn up your speakers a little after I stop talking, cause I'm kind of loud.