Did you know the first zoo was in Philadelphia? I always enjoyed going to zoo's no matter where they are. I can remember my parents taking me and my brother to Spring Lake Park Zoo many years ago.Yes, Texarkana did have a zoo at one time it wasn't very big but it was a nice zoo to visit come the weekend. I remember the lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! They also had a bald eagle, deer, dingo dogs, and I think they even had a leopard. Alligators and snakes were also a part of the zoo. Unfortunately, as as things go funding ran out and the maintenance of keeping the zoo up to standards got to be to much and the zoo eventually closed.

Recently, the family was in Little Rock and we decided to visit the Little Rock Zoo which reminds me a lot of the zoo we used to have only on a bigger scale. They have a new exhibit that features penguins and continue to re-vamp Arkansas's only city zoo.

My wife loves to take pictures so here are a few photos of what we saw at the Little Rock Zoo.