We all know it's important to make sure our pets get their annual check-up and shots, but did you know that all the animals in a zoo do too? 

We received a great update from the Little Rock Zoo about one such annual check-up that took place recently.

Little Rock Zoo
Little Rock Zoo

The check-up was for this cute little Ringtail named Romulus. He is a 'lodger' at the Little Rock Zoo and it was his turn for his annual exam with the zoo's veterinarian Dr. Prevolos.

Little Rock Zoo
Little Rock Zoo

Romulus was sedated and then he was examined. In the photos, you can see that while Romulus was sedated they drew blood and gave him an ultrasound to make sure all looked good. Plus he had his teeth checked too.

Little Rock Zoo
Little Rock Zoo

Ringtails may look like ring-tailed lemurs but they aren't. These sweet Ringtails are also known as Ringtail Cats and they are related to raccoons. Ringtails are native to the desert areas of the U.S. like Arizona. While ring-tailed lemurs are native to the island of Madagascar.


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People rarely see ringtails out in the wild because they are nocturnal.  According to the YouTube video posted below the white fur around their eyes helps bring moonlight to their eyes so they can see better in the dark. They can rotate their back feet 180 degrees. This helps them get a good grip on tree limbs and rocks.

The Little Rock Zoo stated,

This annual exam is an example of how each of the 400+ animals in our care receive preventative, annual reviews to make sure they remain healthy. This specialized veterinary care is an important part of how we maintain our accreditation with the Association of Zoos & Aquariums.



You can visit Rlmulus and all the other wonderful animals at the Little Rock Zoo. Check out the cute videos below about Ringtails.

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