There is a small town in Texas that needs to get ready because filmmakers will start taking a serious look at it as a great place to film programs for TV, Theaters, streaming platforms and more.

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced today December 14 that this great little town in East Texas has completed the certification process, to make it a  Film Friendly Texas Certified Community by the Texas Film Commission.

What Texas Town is Now a Film-Friendly Designation?



The City of Atlanta, Texas!

Get ready Atlanta for filmmakers to come calling. Governor Abbott stated in a press release,

“Congratulations to the City of Atlanta, Texas on earning the Film Friendly Texas designation..."


How Does the City of Atlanta Feel About Being a Film Friendly Community?

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Atlanta City Manager Danica Porter said,

This Film Friendly Texas Community certification means a lot for the City of Atlanta. This will give us the opportunity to showcase our small town and the wonderful history of Atlanta. It will also have a huge economic impact on our community, whether it is visitors staying in our hotels, eating at our restaurants, or shopping at some of our downtown shops. We will welcome any media production company to visit Atlanta and see what we have to offer to the film industry.

What Does The Texas Film Commission do?

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The Texas Film Commission has been highlighting and promoting towns and communities for over 50 years as great destinations for film, television, commercials, animation, visual effects, video games, and other types of media production.

How Many Film Friendly Certified Communities Are There in Texas?


The Texas Film Commission gives training and guidance to 175 Film Friendly Texas Certified Communities. Helping these communities with the media industry, how to accommodate any on-location filming in their community and more.

You can check out the list of Film Friendly Texas Communities and what they offer at

You can find out more about different job opportunities as in cast, crew, and digital media at

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