It's very slick out there, stay home if you can, if you can't then give yourself lots of extra time to get to your destination and go slow for crying out loud.

We had a man call in around 6:45 this morning the show this morning to report to us that he counted 46 wrecks on I-30 between Red River Army Depot and Texarkana, plus about nine DPS cars working those wrecks. We don't know if it got better or worse but my guess is it got worse as the morning progressed.

Thank goodness the area schools let out today, we sure didn't our kids involved in that morning traffic mess. Tonight everything will freeze again as we get down to 10 degrees for the overnight low. Tomorrow morning's traffic might actually be worse than today was. Think about that school districts.

If you're planning on traveling to Shreveport you might want to put those plans off a couple of days, they got hit much worse than we did.

John Williams will have information on here for you tonight about any closures for Wednesday so be sure you check back.

Some of us have to get on the roads, otherwise, you wouldn't have anyone to yell at in the morning. As for the rest of you, please stay off the roads until this is over.

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