Nasty little critters, ticks I mean. There are a lot of insects and other crawly creatures that can just ruin an otherwise fun outing into nature, but ticks are pretty much right up there on the top of my list.

After watching many videos, reading the preferred "Boy Scout" method, and investing way more time than I ever thought might be necessary on this subject, here's what I have concluded; ticks suck.

Seriously, there are a couple of methods that seem to work just about every time they are tried and they don't involve fire or Vaseline.

The first involves very pointy and flat tweezers, the second uses just a wet cotton swab. By the way, I have never tried the cotton swab method, but according to the video, it works great.

I have used the knife or tweezers method before. It's easy to accidentally leave some of the little critter in there though, which means you have to go back and keep at it till you get it all. That can be a little irritating, especially to the person being poked.

I'm not a medical professional so please do not consider this actual medical advice. This is just what I would do and/or have done. Plus, a new method I'm willing to try next time the chance arises.

Have fun in the woods, but be sure you check each other for ticks and get them out.

Do you know of a better way? Be sure you let us know below.


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