A few thoughts on the President's State of the Union Adress:  

If I may,

President Trump's first three years have been an unprecedented economic boom for the whole country, and I for one have always believed in the premise that a rising tide floats all boats. Some areas of Texas and Arkansas have benefitted faster than others but that's how things go everywhere. I believe our future looks brighter than it has in many years, and that's a direct result of putting the non-politician guy, a businessman, a builder, in office three years ago.

Tuesday night's State of the Union speech by President Trump was by far the best speech I've heard from him, it was positive, uplifting and hopeful. It presented facts at the beginning about how manufacturing is returning to the US, wages are rising and unemployment numbers are the lowest in decades. You may not be hearing about all the good things through the mainstream press which may keep you having to look a little harder, be more observant. Some in the mainstream press simply refuse to tell you anything that makes the President look good. The reason is simple, the press is just another part of the Washington DC swamp.

Our President may have been tempted to rail on Democrats for screwing up the Iowa Caucuses, or failing to get him thrown out of office through impeachment, but he didn't do it. I'm proud of him for that, it shows me he's growing in the job.

Nancy Pelosi showed us just how childish and unhinged the left has become by ripping up his SOTU speech at the end. She might get in some trouble for that by the way, technically, it is illegal to destroy an official Presidential document. I kinda doubt anything serious will happen but we'll see. What I would like to see is her simply go away, lose her race in November, retire and never be heard from again.

If you haven't watched the SOTU yet, I highly recommend you do. I have included a link below to a full version of the speech.

My opinion is mine but yours is always welcome below, even if it's different from mine.

This stuff is important, better to talk it out rather than fight it out.


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