Those long hot summer days are here and if you're a parent trying to keep the kids entertained can feel like a chore itself. So, why not get the kids together for a 3-hour road trip to Dallas to Legoland Discovery Center.

Legoland is the ultimate indoor lego playground with a variety of things to do, see, and make. Legoland is located right next to Sea Life in Grapevine, Texas. With 12+attractions and rides, you'll be entertained with hours of fun.

Blast Trolls on Kingdom Quest

Jump onboard your own chariot and blast away at trolls on your quest to save the princess.

Merlin's Apprentice

Become the next wizard's apprentice by going faster and higher all while trying to conjure up a magic spell.

Build and Test Lego Racers on a racetrack or experience the Lego Race VR.

LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Virtual Reality Experience from LEGOLAND Discovery Center on Vimeo.

 Experience the Lego Universe in 4D

Special effects, wind, rain, and even snow highlight this 4D adventure in theater recliners.

Learn how to make Mega awesome creations using legos and explore a mini-land DFW built with over a million legos. Lego Discovery Center is not just kids for big adult kids too! You can spend hours or an entire day exploring all there is to do at Lego Land.

Start planning your adventure now at Lego Discovery Center. For tickets, reservations, and more, please visit their website. It will be an adventure you and your kids will enjoy for a lifetime. No summer boredom here!

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