Texarkana Texas police have finally been able to make an arrest in the 2016 murder of Fred Griffin, who was shot several times in his home on Waterman Street in January 2016. Police are also still ready to make a second arrest in this case.

Police booked Traveyon Henderson yesterday morning June 7 into the Bi-State Jail and was charged with Capital Murder. Henderson was 17 years old at the time of the murder back in 2016. According to a press release from the TTPD, detectives have been waiting patiently on this arrest as they have had a warrant for Henderson's arrest for two years. Police had to wait until he was released from prison on an unrelated charge before they could serve the warrant.


There was a custody hold on Henderson so when he completed his sentence for the other charge, he was then transported to Texarkana.



There is another arrest that Texarkana Police are waiting to make. TTPD has a capital murder warrant for another man who is currently in prison himself for a separate crime. So, just like the situation with Henderson, he will be brought back to Texarkana once he is released from TDCJ. His identity can not be released since he was 15 years old and considered a juvenile at the time of the murder.

High Angle View Of Judge Gavel And Handcuffs On Wooden Desk

Detectives believe that robbery was the motive behind the murder.
Chief Schutte stated,

"I'm extremely proud of the work that our detectives have done on this case over the years. The fact that they never gave up is what has brought us to this moment and the ability to give Mr. Griffin's family some degree of closure. They've done an outstanding job!"

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