App Update! App Update! App Update!
That old clock radio is completely outdated if you have a smartphone.

Remember those old clock radios we had back in the day? Maybe you still have one. The lights are fading fast on the few that still work though, I had up until very recently that the digital clock readout was starting to morph together and you couldn't tell what it said.


Well, be sad no more! For your Kicker 102-5 App has a brand new feature. It's called "Alarm." But don't be, it won't hurt you, however, it will wake you up.

Simple instructions:

  • Poke the "Alarm" button
  • poke the + sign to add an alarm
  • set up your details, time, repeat, snooze time and volume
  • poke "Save" at the bottom of the screen and you're done!

So be sure you wake up with your Wakeup Crew weekday mornings with the Kicker 102-5 App.


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