Pot smoking and THC edibles consumption by consenting adults is one thing, but these can be downright dangerous if little kids get their little paws on them. Parents, you need to know these are out there. 

Listen, if you want to consume edibles or smoke pot, or drink alcohol, or whatever, that's your business. It's between you and your maker and whatever the law is in your state. But can we all agree that little kids should not have access to this stuff? The problem is that it looks like candy they get and love from the store except this candy is laced with THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, and these are much stronger than the old-time pot brownies from our youth.

Edibles Candy - TTPD
Edibles Candy - TTPD

Here's some of the release from the Texarkana Texas Police Department on their Facebook Page:

We arrested a man and seized a box of these THC edibles during a traffic stop on Jarvis Parkway this morning.
The packaging looks so close to that of some brands of popular candy. We'll stop short of saying that they are intentionally marketing it to kids (you can make up your own mind on that), but we're certainly concerned that some might mistake them for their favorite candy - especially if they're not paying attention. As parents, you definitely want to be on the lookout and be able to recognize them if you see your kids with them.

As they said, parents, you need to be on the alert to these "candies" and what they look like is where you start.

Candy with THC closeup - TTPD
Candy with THC closeup - TTPD

Let's watch out for our kids.

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