If you are looking for a different career but you don't have the time to take day classes because you work and night classes are out of the question too then check this out. 

The University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana will be offering a Certificate of Proficiency in Medical Office Assistant and it will be 100% online.

Female Doctor and Nurse walking down corridor

According to a press release;

Students will be able to build a comprehensive foundation in administrative medical office assistant skills and develop competency in the performance of procedures that are required to work effectively in the medical office environment.

Business people or doctor talking to customer and using laptop at office room.

In one semester of classes, you will be well on your way to a career in medical administration.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual mean wage for medical secretaries and administrative assistants in Arkansas is $33,780 per year or $16.24 per hour.

The University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana offers great prices on tuition and it all part of the University of Arkansas System education. Find out if you qualify for a free class with the “U Can” Scholarship. You can get more information about the U Can Scholarship or if you would like to enroll in the Certificate of Proficiency in Medical Office Assistant program, please call the Purtle Advising Center at (870) 722-8124.

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